Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Fishing

I haven't posted in a while!  I have been fishing.  Since it is getting dark earlier now, I have not found my fall fishing rhythm.  I get off of work and try to sneak in an hour or two of fishing.  I have been going to South Side Park in Belleville, IL.  It has been slow to say the least.  The crappie are biting at that city pond.  I have also been trying out Richland Creek in Belleville, IL.  I take the fly rod and use wooly buggers.  I have caught bluegill and largemouth (all small of course) out of the creek.  The fish that come out of there seem "wild".  They have a bit more fight.

Friday night, my friend Kai and I, went to the Kaskaskia River in Fayetville, IL for some night fishing from the banks.  I haven't fished for catfish at night in a long time.  We got out there about 9pm with some chicken livers, chairs, lanterns, and our fishing gear.  We had good bites all night.  I am a bit rusty with that style of fishing, so I only hooked into one catfish.  It was about 3lbs or so.  Good night overall. 

I really want to try fishing throughout the fall and winter this year.  I usually stop fishing when it gets cold.  I hate being cold.  And cold mixed with wet is never a good time in my book.  I will have to break out the long johns and just get over it!  I hope to post some pictures soon of my fall fishing trips that are to come.  Until then.