Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mad River Canoe Fishing Setup

I was contacted a while ago by a cool guy named Mario from Texas. He wanted to know more about my fish finder install on my mad river canoe. Mario also owns a mad river canoe with a sweet setup for fishing. He was kind enough to share some pictures with me and I have to show you guys his canoe outfitted for fishing.

Mario's Mad River Canoe.  Check out his anchor trolley, anchor cleats, fish finder and scotty rod mounts.

Mario outfitted his canoe with a cargo bag in the front for storage and sweet paddle holders on the outside of the canoe.  

Mario powers his fish finder with a 14 volt drill battery.  He keeps the battery in the dry box and hooks it up to the fish finder power supply cables.  Genius!  Most guys have a drill battery at home that can be double duty.  Keep it charged to power the fish finder and the drill when you get home. 
Up close of the connections Mario uses for the drill battery.

Mario has inspired me to outfit my canoe a bit more for fishing.  I went out and bought some stuff at the local hardware store for a diy anchor trolley and I am for sure going to try out the drill battery option for powering a fish finder.  

Have you customized your canoe for fishing?  Send me some photos and tell me about it.


1.  14.4volt Drill Battery.

2.  Dry Box.

3.  Female quick disconnects.

4.  Anchor Cleats.

5.  Anchor Trolley.

6.  Scotty Side Deck Rod Holder.

Check out the specs, costs and reviews of the Mad River Canoe.

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