Tuesday, March 22, 2011


19.53lb Carp.  Frank Holten State Park.
Spring is in the air and being inside is starting to drive me crazy!  However, my wife and I were able to get out on the water last Sunday.  Abbie is trying out bowfishing.  She is a natural with the bow and arrow.  I know she is going to be putting me to shame this season.  Abbie shot her first fish on Sunday and it was huge.  This fish was bigger than any fish that I have ever caught and I have been fishing since I can remember.  She has bowfished 3 times and got this fish and I have fished for at least 20 years and I haven't even been close to a fish of that size!  I now realize my skill level....  Dang it.

19.53lbs Carp.  Abbie's first fish while bowfishing.
Abbie took aim and hit the fish from about 5 feet away.  The carp took off and yanked our canoe around while Abbie tried to get him under control.  It looked like a scene from jaws.  All we could see was the arrow sticking up out of the water.  We had to pull up to the bank to get him in the boat. 

I have created a monster with my wife and bowfishing.  She has got the bug worse than me.  Abbie is already talking about when we are going out again and she says a 50lb fish would be fun.  I might not get to fish this season!  I know she is going to be catching a lot more fish as she gets the hang of bowfishing.  I look forward to spending time with her enjoying the outdoors.

My first fish on the fly rod for 2011.  My wife's was a bit bigger.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 Season Starting Up

I can hardly stand the anticipation.  March is here and that means Spring is quickly approaching.  I can almost feel winter letting go.  The fishing bug is biting real hard as I day dream about being on the water and laying into fish.  

Kaskaskia River, IL
I did get out in February and caught a 13.64lb Asian Carp (big head).  Actually, I snagged it right in the dorsal fin!  No shame in that...  This is the largest fish I have ever caught.  It was extremely thrilling.  Since I had this fish snagged in the dorsal fin, it could turn broad side in the current.  What a fight that was.  

New Adventures
My wife is really into archery and I am really into fishing.  We are combining the two this year.  I got her a bowfishing setup and she has been out hunting carp like a pro.  We have only been out twice due to weather, but we have high hopes of getting a fish real soon.  

My other new adventure this year will be fly fishing for gar.  I am fascinated by this fish.  It is ancient and full of teeth.  They surface for air and eat bait fish.  This means sight fishing which lends itself nicely to fly fishing.  I have read that a gar can be caught on a nylon rope fly.  You don't even need a hook!  The teeth get tangled up in the unbraided rope.  I made up a few of these rope lures to try out when the weather gives.  I put a hook in mine.  Mostly because I need all the help I can get to catch fish!  If I happen to entice another fish species with this rope fly, I want a fighting chance at landing it.  

I hope to be on the water any chance I get and I plan to hit the rivers this year.  I grew up on lakes and I want explore what river fishing has to offer.