Tuesday, March 22, 2011


19.53lb Carp.  Frank Holten State Park.
Spring is in the air and being inside is starting to drive me crazy!  However, my wife and I were able to get out on the water last Sunday.  Abbie is trying out bowfishing.  She is a natural with the bow and arrow.  I know she is going to be putting me to shame this season.  Abbie shot her first fish on Sunday and it was huge.  This fish was bigger than any fish that I have ever caught and I have been fishing since I can remember.  She has bowfished 3 times and got this fish and I have fished for at least 20 years and I haven't even been close to a fish of that size!  I now realize my skill level....  Dang it.

19.53lbs Carp.  Abbie's first fish while bowfishing.
Abbie took aim and hit the fish from about 5 feet away.  The carp took off and yanked our canoe around while Abbie tried to get him under control.  It looked like a scene from jaws.  All we could see was the arrow sticking up out of the water.  We had to pull up to the bank to get him in the boat. 

I have created a monster with my wife and bowfishing.  She has got the bug worse than me.  Abbie is already talking about when we are going out again and she says a 50lb fish would be fun.  I might not get to fish this season!  I know she is going to be catching a lot more fish as she gets the hang of bowfishing.  I look forward to spending time with her enjoying the outdoors.

My first fish on the fly rod for 2011.  My wife's was a bit bigger.

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  1. "my wife's was a bit bigger" --- WOW! An almost 20 lbs. carp! Your wife is awesome!