Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 Season Starting Up

I can hardly stand the anticipation.  March is here and that means Spring is quickly approaching.  I can almost feel winter letting go.  The fishing bug is biting real hard as I day dream about being on the water and laying into fish.  

Kaskaskia River, IL
I did get out in February and caught a 13.64lb Asian Carp (big head).  Actually, I snagged it right in the dorsal fin!  No shame in that...  This is the largest fish I have ever caught.  It was extremely thrilling.  Since I had this fish snagged in the dorsal fin, it could turn broad side in the current.  What a fight that was.  

New Adventures
My wife is really into archery and I am really into fishing.  We are combining the two this year.  I got her a bowfishing setup and she has been out hunting carp like a pro.  We have only been out twice due to weather, but we have high hopes of getting a fish real soon.  

My other new adventure this year will be fly fishing for gar.  I am fascinated by this fish.  It is ancient and full of teeth.  They surface for air and eat bait fish.  This means sight fishing which lends itself nicely to fly fishing.  I have read that a gar can be caught on a nylon rope fly.  You don't even need a hook!  The teeth get tangled up in the unbraided rope.  I made up a few of these rope lures to try out when the weather gives.  I put a hook in mine.  Mostly because I need all the help I can get to catch fish!  If I happen to entice another fish species with this rope fly, I want a fighting chance at landing it.  

I hope to be on the water any chance I get and I plan to hit the rivers this year.  I grew up on lakes and I want explore what river fishing has to offer.  


  1. "My wife is really into archery and I am really into fishing. We are combining the two this year." -- awesome! And I can't wait to hear (and see) more of your guys' adventures together.

  2. Thanks for reading and the comments e.m.b. I just spent some time reading your post on starting out tying flies. Great stuff.

  3. Thank you....and glad you enjoyed the read!