Sunday, May 6, 2012

Giant Grass Carp On The Fly Rod

I had the honor of landing this magnificent fish early this season. I often fish at this real classy place near my home. It is a bingo hall across from a Rural King... I know that doesn't sound like much. The property has a public lake that nobody fishes and it is full of mirror carp, common carp, crappie and largemouth bass. All within 5 minutes from my houes and on the way home from work. It is my little dream spot. Well, I finally caught this monster fish after 1 year or so of casting to it. Here is a post where I got a scale from the fish last year.

A nymph pattern took this guy on a 6wt rod with 5lb tippet and a bingo player (onlooker) helped me land this fish and take some photos for me.  This carp was just over 4 ft long!  The bingo player read the scale for me and said 51lbs.  This fish bent my net in half and I had to get in the water to land this guy.  I will never forget this fish.