Saturday, November 5, 2011

Backstabber Fly - My 2011 Favorite

The 2011 fishing season has brought many new things for me and my favorite of all has been the backstabber fly developed by Jay Zimmerman. Jay shows you how to tie the backstaber in a step by step video.

I mainly use the backstabber in a black and olive pattern. I found out about the backstabber because I started fly fishing for carp this season and that fly just works. I have landed carp all summer and I have landed some very nice bass and even some greedy bluegill and a catfish.

I did some fishing after work and pulled out the 4.2lb bass (pictured above) while I was fly fishing for carp. I got a mirror carp about 15 minutes after the bass. I just love this fly.

Tie your own or if you live in the St. Louis, MO area stop by the Feather Craft fly shop.


  1. Nice Bass and glad your having fun with the Carp on the Backstabber. I to like the Backstabber for all warm water fish because the hook point rides up and reduces the hang ups.

  2. Nice, I tried the backstabber a few times fishing for catfish and bass. I caught a nice bluegill. It's a pretty easy fly to tie so I plan on using it more often next year.

  3. Never tied those yet and I guess I will have too

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