Tuesday, August 24, 2010

South Side Park

I think I have found a wonderful little gem.  I took a quick fishing trip over the weekend on a Saturday morning to South Side Park in Belleville, IL.  This place is minutes from my house and I usually ride my bike to the park with a fishing pole tied to the bike frame.  I only had a couple hours to fish and I had the itch to cast the fly rod a bit.  This pond has a ton of bluegill and I have seen folks bottom fishing for catfish.
Large Shad - South Side Park Belleville, IL

I was the only person at the park on an early 7am ish Saturday morning (no surprise there).  I caught a fair amount of bluegill and I even hooked a large shad.  The baitfish swim to the top in their schools to feed.  I was casting to this school and got the big one of the bunch.  At the end of my couple hours of fishing freedom, I noticed a decent bass following one of my flies.  He never took it, but now I knew there were bass in the pond.

I know I am suppose to be writing about fly fishing, but the next day I took out my baitcaster that I got for Christmas last year.  I felt like it was lonely and being neglected.  I tied on a plastic worm and went to work.  It felt great outside.  Dusk and calm.  I didn't catch anything for a bit, but right as the sun was setting I started getting hits.  I hooked up with two 10inchers.  Lost a couple more.  (I am out of practice setting the hook on the worm).  

Then before I knew it, it was dark outside.  I didn't notice right away because there are street lights around the lake.  A bike trail runs around one side of the lake, so that is most likely why the lake has street lights or street lights are just fitting for an inner city lake?  Who knows?  
Largemouth Bass - South Side Park Belleville, IL

So for the finale.  I toss the worm in for one last go before I head for home.  Wham!!!!  The line starts zinging off my reel and then in a split second --- SNAP.  The line broke right off.  I was left speechless and a bit confused.  I didn't expect anything of size to be in this pond, but this thing broke off 10lb test like it was nothing.  

As you might guess, I will be back often to this pond to see what I can pull out of it.  I also caught an old coffee can that night.  


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