Saturday, July 30, 2011

One In The Net and One That Got Away

A fisherman is known for tall tales of gigantic whales of fish in the pond and skewing the numbers a bit on the day's catch. I have to admit, I have been accused of such tales but things get blurry so it is hard to say. On to the fish tale. I have seen a grass carp the size of my leg cruising the shallows at my local pond. The first time I saw the thing I fell down because it was so unexpected. I thought it was a log until it moved. Of course I had the right fly on and launched a 100ft perfect cast right into it's mouth and hooked it. I held on for an epic 6 hour battle on 2lb test....wait a minute, that is the fisherman's tale. Here is the truth, I bounced a cast off of his head and then sent one into the shrubs on the shore. I tried to sneak-army-crawl/not look stupid into the shrub, but the fish saw me and swam off. This dismal failure to perform happend about a week ago.

Today, I had 2 hours to sneak in and I landed one 3.4lb mirror carp and I snapped off (instantly) on an unknown. The water boiled up into huge waves as that fish took off and my line wouldn't hold. I want to say it was the huge grass carp. Who's to know? I didn't even see a fin so it could have been anything. Heck, it was hot out, so I might have even been daydreaming! It was great to get out because I hadn't fished in about a week. I have been in Dallas, TX to a conference called Echo for media creatives in the church. I am glad to be home and hitting the local spots. Any luck at your local waters?

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  1. Your blog is very informative for such people who like carp fishing like me and all the pictures are beautiful but I have some questions about carp fishing What are the differences and/or advantages between using a pod set-up, a goalpost or quad set-up and just a plain rod-rest set-up? Or is this just a personal preference?