Saturday, July 3, 2010

1 week of fishing

I just wrapped up 7 days of fishing and I am not even on vacation!  I have gone fishing every single day for the last week.  I am trying to work on fly casting and I found a great strip mine lake that is 6 minutes from my job and it has an Aldi (grocery store) on the way back home.  Win, win.  Especially to appease the wife when I take my random trips out there before and after work.
Here in Illinois, we have been blessed with a great week of weather.  It has been super calm and cool at dusk and the mornings are worth getting up for.  My wife and I took the canoe out the last 2 times we went fishing.  (She likes reading on the canoe and feeding ducks).  I did get her to try her hand at the fly rod and she did great.  She caught 2 bluegill and the first one made her smile bigtime.  Maybe I can get her into fly fishing because she didn't really take to the normal bass fishing I do.  

Anyways, it was great to be out on the water doing something I love and sharing it with someone I love.  I know that sounds cheez-tastic, but I really enjoyed this last week. 

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