Friday, July 9, 2010

Fishing with a buddy

I mostly fish alone.  Now, I am not some hermit social weirdo who can't make friends.  However, I am a fish until I can't stand it any longer even if the fish aren't biting, I am sun burnt to a crisp and starving to death kinda guy.  I don't think I will ever get tired of fishing.  I just can't get enough of it.  When I leave the water for the day, my only thought is when I will get to go back and give it another shot. Obviously, most people I know are not like this.  Thus, I fish alone.

I am also the only fly fisherman in my circle of people I know.  I live in Illinois and I fish still water while in a canoe or wading, so I don't think I will be finding crowds with my interests!  But, I found a fishing buddy.  Actually, he found me.  Todd Lercher - the other fly fisherman that I know.  Todd and I talked to each other over the 4th of July about our fly fishing and we instantly planned a fishing trip.

Todd invited me out to his parents house.  They live in town and have a lake / pond on their property and it is super close to my job.  We had an awesome plan.  Fish after work.  What more do you need.  Bad news.  It rained buckets right when we were suppose to meet up.  Lame.  Most non die hard fisherman would have called it, but I have a feeling Todd is like me.  I call him up and he said, "let's wait it out."  I am thinking, this is my kind of fishing friend.  So, we waited it out.  The rain stopped and it turned into a great evening of fishing.  We caught a bazillion bluegill and I got two 1lb largemouth.

It was a great time shooting line with another fisherman.  We talked fish, life and stuff.  We traded techniques and fishing spots we like to visit.  We swaped flies and Todd even gave me an extra pair of hemostats he had.  And best of all, when we gave it up for the day, we planned on doing it all again.

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