Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Big Blues and a farm pond

My wife and I have some great friends (Lyndsay and Andy) who take us out to their families farm pond to relax, hang out and fish.  You can't beat that.  They took us out last weekend and we were on a mission.  Lyndsay's Dad charged us with thinning out the pond a bit, so it was catch fish to eat time.  

It was a tough call if I was going to go....Super stocked farm pond, so many fish it needs to be thinned....friends...and the hopes of a fish fry.  I had to think for about a micro second before everything in me said yes.  We got to spend an great afternoon hanging out and fishing with Lyndsay and Andy and Lyndsay's parents and family friends.  What great people to be so open and inviting.  I always want to live my life with an open door policy.  What is mine, is yours.  I think God calls us to share our lives and stuff.

Well, needless to say, I came home with a stringer full of fish (most caught on fly's that I tied).  Check out the ka-junga blue gill!  One was 9"!

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