Friday, July 2, 2010

Bluegill on Poppers

I have never had so much fun catching bluegill than I have had while fly fishing with poppers. In fact, I never really fished with top water anything before I started fly fishing. Picture you dropping a fly on the calm water surface at dusk. The lake is calm and you see fish nipping at other things that land in the water. Now it is time to start making your popper come to life, so you give it a little tug and let it settle. Then out of nowhere, BAM! The surface pops with a fish that just grabbed your fly. It is not the slow paced bobber fishing most people have in mind with bluegill. Largemouth bass will take the popper hard too.

Add some waders and you turn into a bluegill hunter moving around the lake into the places people on shore can't go! Sometimes I feel like I am a herron bird that slowly stalk their prey. Sometimes my boots get sucked into the mud and I almost take a dip in the lake and look supremely idiotic.

Anyways, grab a fly rod, some panfish poppers and head to the lake to catch some fish.

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  1. just came accross your blog.. Ill be reading about your adventures and following your blog.